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Do you know someone who is financially limited? Isolated from peers? Depressed? Unmotivated?
Outpost Jobs for Life course navigates our local unemployed friends through their employment
barriers toward a job opportunity, and we are always
on the look-out for volunteers who want to be a part
of offering change to the unemployed!
The 12 week Jobs for Life course is designed to help adult student’s fill in their employment gaps and discover the purpose God has for them through work.

Volunteer Roles:

Jobs for Life Teacher
Teachers facilitate students & their job coaches through a faith based curriculum. The curriculum
explains God’s purpose & design for us through work. This hybrid course connects the nationwide course with a Fremont area career development specialist, Devon Pettis. We promise each graduate our connection to the Fremont Employment Network on a job application.
Jobs for Life Job Coach Job coaches attend all 12 classes with their JfL student. Each student and job coach are matched, helping the experience to be a smooth one for both parties. Job coaches share their past work experiences with students & support them throughout the process. We ask job coaches to attend graduation with their graduate.


Snack Hostess
Snack hostess will be responsible for lining up 12 volunteers to provide snacks for 12 classes – one
volunteer per class. Classes have about 15 - 22 people to provide snacks for depending on the class.


Hostess is asked to remind volunteers of their commitment prior to their class & details to go over with volunteers. Details: Class size, time to bring the snack by, place snack is to be delivered - should not be delivered and where to pick up their plates, pans utensils after class is over.

Graduation Coordinator
The graduation coordinator works closely with Patti Croff to line up the details of the JfL graduation
celebration such as: graduation cake baker, food & drink volunteers, set up & tear down help, table decorators, clean up volunteers. The 2018 graduation is on Sunday, April 15, 2018 @ Fremont Rec Center.

JfL Tech Support
Outpost JfL has a classroom with computers, printer, Apple monitors to use for each of the 12 classes.
The tech support works with Andrew Beardsley making sure each class has computers, a printer & monitors to use as part of the 12 classes.
This is a position that can be shared with Andrew
to make it very feasible for both volunteers.


Jobs for Life Videographer
JfL likes to celebrate our student’s successes and remind them just how far God has brought them! The videographer is asked to video each student’s story/testimony by the end of the course: Wednesday, March 28th 2018. Teachers and job coaches can be in the video as well. The video will be used for the 2018 JfL graduation and future Outpost JfL promotional use. Job coaches, teachers & JfL students are asked to sign an authorization to photograph form prior to the first class.

Business speakers
Fremont area business leaders are invited to highlight the business they represent during a business panel night. This is part of the evening’s two hour class. There will be a chance for students
to network with business leaders on the 20 minute break.

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