Small Group's Bible Discovery

The Bible really isn't that difficult to understand at all! Especially if you have some friends to discover it with. And the Bible contains rich, full truths that make this life not only bearable, but even enjoyable! Looking for a small group of people to explore the Bible with? Outpost has Small Group's that meet throughout the community in different times and places. ...OR...

Maybe you have some friends and family that, together, you'd like to create your own personal Small Group Bible Discovery. Outpost can help you with that.

Outpost Small Group Bible Discovery meetings look like this:

- Group times start by checking in with each other to see how the week went.

- Then the group looks at a section of the Bible and together works to discover what it means with the help of a leader.

- The group leader will then offer prayer for any member in the group who needs it before the meeting ends.

Don't have a Bible? That's okay, we have one to give you!

Interested in being a part of a Bible Discovery group?

Let us know!